Debonzo Brothers: Break My Heart Tonight.

I recently shot and edited a video for my old friends the Debonzo Brothers. We kept it simple, shooting in their practice space in Raleigh, NC, a few lights, a few cameras (my fellow documentarian Peter Bell behind one), and the band. We are all happy with the result, and if you like the music, check them out at, and buy an album.



Fog in the Morn.

Woke up early this morning, and lo and behold, a dense fog! We don't live in San Fran, so I have to take advantage of atmosphere when I see it. I took a nice walk in the woods looking for pics, and here's a smattering of those that are share-worthy.


Burn it!

Anytime I get to play with fire and smoke, I'm all in. This picture, made for the Mipso Trio, was all of that.

Mipso Trio is/are some friends of mine. My band, the Dogwood Deddy, opened for them to a sold out crowd at the Local 506 last year. Recently, they approached me for some photos and I proposed an idea I had been marinating in my brain. We did a few standard band shots on a seamless backdrop, then went to work on the spooky composition I had in mind.

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A Broken Time Machine: The Avett Brothers, NYE 2011.

If you live under a rock, then perhaps you haven't heard of the Avett Brothers. I'm guessing if you are here, then you have. And if you've been here before, you know I've had a few occasions to photograph them in concert, in fact they were the first few images of my 365 blog, shot at the 2009 New Year's Eve show at the  Asheville Civic Center in NC. One year to the day later, I found myself in the same venue finishing my 365, while working on another project, which I'm happy to finally present to you now...

I'll let the video mostly speak for itself, but as you can see, I wanted to show some of the goings-on around the concerts this past New Year's in Asheville: the crowds, the lines at the door, the venue, the fans. Contrast that kinetic energy with a slow study of the band's equally kinetic performance, and you have a time warp that gives you an idea of what ringing in the New Year with the Scott, Seth, Bob, Joe, Jacob and the crew is like...

Mad love and respect to my co-camera operator, Krista Little, who has some great still images from those two nights on her blog.

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UPDATE: I figured since I was getting a lot of Avett fans coming to the site to check out the video, I'd post a few of the other Avett videos we've made, these from a show in Chapel Hill a few years back, enjoy!





Summer, seen thru a new lens.

Got a new toy the other day. It was sitting on a table full of old Blackberrys and inkjet printer parts at the UNC Surplus Warehouse. I didn't find the workbench I was hoping for, but for $35 I picked up a little Canon Rangefinder I had never seen before, which seemed to work in all the right places (aperture, shutter, focus). The light meter wasn't functioning, and though it did for about five minutes after I added a new battery, now it's back to not working. No worries. When I'm outside on these brutally hot summer days, the Sunny-16 Rule works just fine. In other situations, I can use a separate light meter, or much more likely, the Lightmeter App on my iPhone. Took a couple rolls before really knowing how they might turn out or if they would at all. Got those first two rolls developed, and I'm quite happy to report, the little bastard does a fine job. It feels nice in the hand, small, but with a solid heft, the shutter is all but silent, large film advance lever, fixed 40mm lens, just wide of standard (perfect), opens to f/1.7. The inside seals were rotting, a sticky mess that was once some form of foam, so I cleaned those out. Judging from the film, if I don't want light leaks, I'll need to find something to replace those seals, but for a little while at least, I like them. The very first roll of black and white that came out of it was so good, so infused with the magic of hot summer days and hazy beach evenings, that I'd like to share just about the whole damn roll with you here. Starting with my new favorite photo of all time, of my sister and wife on Holden Beach, NC...

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